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Mark Kalamar


Greg Richard Kalamar

Greg Richard Kalamar





Todd KalamarBox of Grapes
"Box of Grapes"

Row 39

"Row 39"

It is a Family Affair

The LabelMelot1999

The Kalamar Wine label is a painting of Mark and Lisa's wedding reception done by Mark's brother Greg Richard Kalamar. 

Greg Richard Kalamar (1966- ) was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Son of a talented artist and an accomplished musician, Greg showed a gift for painting and drawing at an early age. After years as a successful graphic designer, Greg left commercial art in pursuit of a career as a fine artist. Inspired by the Impressionists,Greg studies on location depicting life as he sWedding Pictureees it.

On-location creations have gained Greg international recognition. His unique approach offers both visual entertainment and a lifetime of remembrance. Since the fall of 1992, Greg has created on-thousand paintings and thousands of drawings.

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The PhotographsPostcardRow39

If you have ever received a Kalamar postcard announcing special events at the winery then you have seen the talents of Mark's other brother, Todd Kalamar. All through the winery you can see Todd's photographs depicting senes from the winery.

The sepia tone photographs are a visual delight with a vintage look of the winery. When visiting the Kalamar Winery be sure and check out Todd's work. Of course for a nominal fee, you can purchase Todd's art to enjoy in your own home.


Tuscan Walls

The walls of Kalamar Winery take you to another world. Through the eyes of Mark's mom, you will see the winery with an added Italian flare. An artist herself, she handpainted the interior walls of the winery. Her work takes you away to Italy from what use to be known as the Kalamar garage.